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Mr Rossano V. Gerald

academic professor


This webinar will address the export market audit report compliance procedures that will emphasize what appropriate documentation that are often used in the country market system and its product competitiveness research methods for conducting trade transactions.   
It focuses on identifying the customers, such as the end users, distributors, and sales agents and examine the compliance procedures within foreign law justification. 
Lastly, we address the sales documentation and other record-keeping compliance procedures that should be used by the exporter when dealing with customs for a particular logistics management training requirements for foreign business environment.

Why Should You Attend:

The exporter goods must establish supply chain management training and network in the foreign market to gain accessibility to intermediaries that will be selling their products to the users.

Therefore, the exporter must develop a plan will address each element of exporting processes that includes market research of goods consumed and payment process for their sold goods. For this reason; the exporter must be aware of United States and foreign laws that are associated exporting transactions.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

For exporters who do not have a well-defined plan and implement procedures may have their distribution of goods delayed, fined and/or confiscated during exporting transaction process.

As a result, this export compliance training provides the exporter with procedural steps to determine which government agency has jurisdiction over their shipment of specified goods in accordance to the Bureau of Export Administration (BXA).   

We will also discuss the role of the Office of Export Enforcement who are in charge investigating the export control violations but it also manages the Safeguards Verification Program that is connected the export license application and how the exporter should verify the post-shipment disposition of their goods.  

Lastly, we will address the export controls that are often used to impose security and reduce exportation risks, such as the short supply and technical data that may have dual-use application process but could properly manage and monitor by developing an Export Management System (EMS) to ensure that exporter is complying with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

Learning Objectives:

•  What are the exporting preliminary procedures and documentations?
•  What are the Export Administration Laws and Agent Intermediaries?
•  How the Bureau of Export Administration procedures will have an effect on the exporter’s Export Control and Licensed Officer.
•  What are the major control procedures that have an effect on how exporters operates their systems? 
•  What are the major exporting license criteria and how it affects record-keeping compliance?
•  Explaining how to develop an Export Management System?
•  Define and describe the compliance with foreign laws. Why is it considered an important aspect of the exportation process?

Who Will Benefit:

•  Company Executive Officer (CEO)
•  Entrepreneurs 
•  Freight Forwarders 
•  Customer Brokers
•  Transportation Risk Management Officers
•  Import Distributors

Speaker Profile:
Dr. Rossano V. Gerald is an academic professor and founder of RVG International Consulting Firm, LLC. He has over thirty years of business experience in strategic management, marketing analysis, and supply chain management. Dr. Gerald is a veteran of the United States Army. He has worked with small and medium-sized businesses to help improve their business logistic processes through verification of operational and supply chain programs. Further, he has developed management and marketing strategies that were used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations in the global economy. He earned a Doctor of Business Administration in International Business and Advanced Professional Business Certification in Marketing from Argosy University/Sarasota; Master of Science Degree (J.S.M.) for International Tax and Finance Services in the risk compliance and management field from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law.
Dr. Gerald is a member of the Free Trade Alliance, San Antonio Transportation Association, Inc., San Antonio SCORE, TX, Supply Chain Council and Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning, and CATO Institute of Research & Analysis and Academy of Business Research. He is a certified supply chain manager, inventory planner and property forecaster, and certified consultant for business value analysis and methodology. He is also a certified export leader, certified master management consultant, certified CCA, certified marketing analyst and registered business analyst. He has published scholarly papers for the Journal of International Business and Economics and the Strategic Management Quarterly.

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