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Ms Rosemary Exton

guest speaker

Rosemary Exton (UK)

Director, Workplace Innovation Europe CLG

Field of specialisation: Workplace Innovation, Leadership and Management

Rosemary has more than thirty years’ experience as a clinician, manager, and trade unionist in the National Health Service, to bring considerable understanding of change in complex organisations. She was a trade union steward and secretary of the trade union consortium at a large teaching hospital. She has also been a Director on the Board of the Royal College of Midwives.

Rosemary has long been involved with national and international projects for Workplace Innovation. Drawing on her expertise in leadership and management, she has played the lead role in workplace change initiatives in several enterprises and was a key member of the research team in the EU-funded Employee Resilience in Times of Change project. Rosemary contributed significantly to Innovative Workplaces, a landmark project for the organisation Workplace Innovation, to disseminate new forms of work organisation in the UK.

Most recently, she has helped to transform workplace practices in a Northern Irish maternity unit by introducing a multidisciplinary approach both to care and to service improvement. However, her experience is not limited to healthcare and she has worked with companies in a diverse range of sectors.

She has published articles on workplace innovation and entrepreneurial behaviour and is a regular speaker at international conferences. Recent presentations include major conferences in Brisbane, New York, Rome and Seoul.

She is currently a co-founder and director of Workplace Innovation, a member of the UK Work Organisation Network (UKWON), and has helped to launch Fresh Thinking Labs, a platform to share European best practices in workplace innovation.

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