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Mr Robert(Bob) H. Crabtree


Bob Crabtree, educated at New College, Oxford with Malcolm Green, did his Ph.D. with Joseph Chatt at Sussex University and spent four years in Paris with Hugh Felkin at the CNRS. He has been at Yale since 1977, where he is now Whitehead Professor. 

He has several awards—A.P. Sloan Fellow, Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar, ACS and RSC organometallic chemistry prizes, H.C. Brown Lecturer, Mack Award, Baylor Medal, Sabatier Lecturer—and has chaired the Inorganic Division at ACS. Early work on catalytic alkane C-H activation and functionalization chemistry was followed by H2 complexes, M-H...H-O,N dihydrogen bonding. His organometallic textbook and homogeneous hydrogenation catalyst have also proved popular. Currently developing areas are green and energy chemistry, notably water oxidation and CH hydroxylation catalysis. 

He is a Fellow of the RSC, IUPAC, ACS and of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. His career has emphasized homogeneous catalysis. He is or has been a consultant for numerous industries mainly on catalysis problems. He is the author of "The Organometallic Chemistry of the Transition Metals" now in its sixth edition.

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