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Mr Reiner Roghmann

VP Site Operations

Reiner Roghmann is vice president of site operations for Dow Central Germany since January 2011.Roghmann joined Dow in 1991 as a chemical engineer in Stade, where he held various manufacturing positions before he was named site safety leader for Stade in 1995. In 1998, he assumed responsibility as manage production leader for the Stade MDI Plant and in 2001, he was named EH&S Responsible Care® leader for Stade. In 2004, Roghmann became Technology Center leader for Water Soluble Polymers (WSP) and in 2006 he assumed responsibility as business manufacturing leader for Water Soluble Polymers and Dow Dispersion Sciences (DDS). With the acquisition of Wolff, Roghmann joined the Dow integration team as the functional representative for M&E and assumed responsibility as global manufacturing director for Dow Wolff Cellulosics after day one. Later, he was also named site leader for Dow

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