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Mr Pieter Musters

Director Product Research

In his current role, Pieter is responsible for bringing in the voice of
consumer in the innovation projects for Philips Coffee businesses. His
product research team drives the translation of powerful insights into
products that delight consumers better than the competition and live up
to the company’s brand promise. The influence of his team spans from
insight generation/concept development to market launch and forms a
link between R&D and the business. Human-centred design thinking is at
the heart of the innovation processes of Philips. To this end, the product
research team initiates consumer confrontations and collect consumer
market data to steer the organisation effectively. Pieter started his career
at Unilever in data science and moved gradually into the domain
of sensory and consumer research. At Unilever, he learnt the power of
combining qualitative insights with solid numbers, and for more than 20
years he has been working on the interface between R&D and marketing.
He combines his background in engineering with a solid understanding of
consumer psychology to guide innovation projects.

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