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Mr Peter Schmutzer

R&D Strategic Sourcing

Peter Schmutzer is an outsourcing professional with more than a decade
of Alliance Management, Strategy Consulting, Procurement and Engineering
experience in a variety of domains such as Auto, Artificial Intelligence,
Drones and High-Tech. He is currently spearheading a significant
disruption in the industry with moving engagement models up the value
chain. Leveraging a complex ecosystem globally, he enables new business
opportunities and drives supplier innovation and leads the procurement
organization with a 360 approach to a value add for Intel. Aside he
drives the contingent workforce strategy and is actively pathfinding the
way for Intel into a total talent management. His responsibility for external
engineering and third party development spans globally. Outsourcing
is a critical and integral part of Intel’s end-to-end R&D activities and right
at the heart of the cutting edge of compute. Peter is a visionary business
leader who regularly orchestrates the big picture. He provides visionary
outlook to drive complex strategies and follows through on transformational
initiatives. He believes in action rather than power point and
gets energized by creating viable business solutions and salient values
in partnering. Coming with a degree in business administration Peter
held a variety of management roles in the past for direct and indirect
materials and joint Intel Corp back in 2011. Prior to Intel he worked as
a senior manager for Infineon’s purchasing organization and as Head of
Procurement at Nero AG. His professional career is complemented with
assignments in Corporate Strategy Departments for Deutsche Telekom,
Mercedes Benz and Deutsche Boerse AG.

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