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Mr Matthias Kroen


Matthias Kroen was born in Salzburg in 1969. He studied Chinese studies, philosophy and history in Vienna and Taipei. Subsequently he spent one year at the Leo Baeck Institute in New York. After his return to Austria in 1995 he started working in the sales department ofMolkerei Oberwart Reg. Gen. Together with Fred Kranich he established Mona Naturprodukte, one of the major suppliers in the dairy sector in Austria.In 2000 soy production in the Oberwart dairy was started and already 3 years later a subsidiary for dairy alternatives based on soya, rice and oats was founded. Kroen became CEO of the Mona Group of companies. In 2005 Kroen and three colleagues were able to acquire 100% of the shares of the Mona Group of companies and the Oberwart Dairy. Subsequently the group decided to divest of the dairy business and focus on the non-dairy business. Today Mona accounts for about 10% of non-dairy volume in Europe and is active in over 30 markets.In autumn 2011 stepped down as CEO to concentrate on the soy associations, while remaining a major shareholder of Mona Group. The Austrian soya association was founded in 2008 as an initiative of the Austrian soy businesses. In spring 2012 the International Danube Soya association was established. Both associations elected Kroen as chairman. Kroen advocates a sustainable, regional and gm-free protein supply in Europe.

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