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I got it!

Mr Doreen Grove

Guest Speaker

Doreen Grove

Head of Open Government, Scottish Government (UK)

Fields of specialization: change management, workplace innovation, public sector reform

Doreen leads the Government’s involvement in the Open Government Partnership at both a National and International level.  Globally, Open Government is driving changes that ensure people are able to see, understand and influence the decisions that affect their lives and are able to hold government to account.  In Scotland, this work supports the reform of public services, the renewal of democracy, promotes openness, transparency and the use of innovative participative processes to help transform how people interact with public services.

Doreen also previously worked in the Strategy Unit during the extraordinary times of 2013-14. This involved leading on a range of projects including within the Consultancy Team,  involving everything from an appraisal of the case for increased language teaching in Scotland, being Panda ‘Tsar’ and the development of the Scottish Approach, (something which continues to underpin the reform work of Ingage).

As an Archaeologist and Historian, Doreen also worked for 25 years in Historic Scotland, latterly heading up Understanding and Access – a division that did what it said on the tin –providing the expertise that ensured visitors to the 345+ monuments in state care were able to understand the importance of them and where they fit within our shared past.