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Erasmus+ VET TRaineeship experience in Cyprus
Erasmus+ with ShipCon - A LIFE TIME EXPERIENCE! Quality Erasmus+ Vocational Education & Training placements in Cyprus. Gain practical experience in the fields of Environment, Business & Administration, Hospitality &...
MedFIT 2021
The European partnering event for innovation partnership and investment rounds in the MedTech, diagnostic and digital health sectors.
BioFIT 2021
Together with big pharma, biotech and diagnostic companies, BioFIT operates as a platform to build partnerships for all public and private actors. BioFIT is also the European marketplace for pre-seed, seed and Series ...
horizon Europe - the next EU research & innovation investment ...
horizon Europe - the next EU research & innovation investment programme (2021 –2027)
ENDURCRETE Project presentation
The main goal of ENDURCRETE Project is to develop a new cost-effective sustainable reinforced concrete for long lasting and added value applications.
SCORES Project presentation
The presentation contains a brief description of the project, overall concept, objectives, purpose, main goals and list of partners.
The project presentation will provide basic information about the concept, aim of the project, project objectives, partners and timeline.
Nutr'Event 2021 (Digital Event)
Nutr'Event 2021 Brochure NutrEvent is your opportunity to connect vwith international key innovators in the Food, Feed, Nutrition and Health sectors.
AgeingFIT 2021
AgeingFIT 2021 Brochure AgeingFIT is the first European partnering event dedicated to innovation in the Healthy Ageing sector.
High-gain in ERC - What is it all about?
The ERC’s mission statement is to fund “high-risk/high-gain research”. In other words, the expectation is that the project’s gain will be so high that it will be worth the significant risk taken to obtain it. ...
The rise of online hate speech as a new alarming global social...
The conference aims to animate a wide European debate on the most effective cultural and educational strategies and policies which can be used or improved at EU and international level to raise awareness and spread in...
Natural Carpet flooring – What you need to know about it
Are you thinking about renovating your house? Then the choice of flooring is certainly something you have already thought about.