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Square de Meeus, 1
1000 Brussels, Belgium

HyER, the European Association for Hydrogen and fuel cells and Electro-mobility in European Regions (formally HyRaMP), was established in collaboration with the EU Commission in 2008. HyER supports the deployment and uptake of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and electro-mobility in Europe to contribute positively to carbon dioxide emissions reduction, environment protection as well as economic growth and employment. HyER is representing over 30 regions and cities in Europe.Through the active monitoring and collecting of current project results and industrial developments and as partner in several EU projects for dissemination and communication, HyER seeks to develop fact-based policy at EU, national and local level to establish robust local deployment channels and a first customer base. For this purpose HyER is currently facilitating the development of a European wide electro-mobility monitoring facility to collect data and experiences of electric mobility projects throughout Europe.Electromobility, as understood by industry and utilities, comprises battery electric as well as hydrogen/fuel cell powered vehicles and the relevant infrastructure needed for the supply with energy. Both propulsion technologies offer complementary transport solutions but have many elements in common.

Square de Meeus, 1

1000 Brussels


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