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Holtrop S.L.P. Transaction & Business Law

Via Augusta 10
08006 Barcelona, Spain

HOLTROP S.L.P Transaction & Business Law is a small law firm based in Barcelona, Spain, specialized in Business and Transaction Law. Since the first cutbacks to the renewable energy industry in 2010 HOLTROP S.L.P. has become a strong defender in the sector and today the firm represents more than 1500 individuals and/or companies in their litigations against the Spanish state. The European component of our legal strategy has made us one of the leading firms in our sector.The firm continues to do business in M&A (a few operations per year), commercial agreements, joint ventures, corporate law, labour law, and other litigation.Founder Piet Holtrop has been a member of APPA (the Spanish Association of Renewable Energy Producers) since 2002 and since 2009 the firm sponsored the Study of the Macroeconomic Impact of Renewable Energies in Spain. In 2013 we represented APPA in court to litigate against Royal Decree Law 2/2013. Our Firm cooperates as a volunteer in the Platform for a New Energy Model and is the author of the series of complaints it presented before the European Commission. This involvement reflects our historic concern with renewable energies.Since 2014 HOLTROP S.L.P Transaction & Business Law is member of the European Wind Energy Asociation (EWEA).As a small and focused law firm, we believe in a personalized service you can trust. Our professionals are independent lawyers, business minded and with a proven track record.

Via Augusta 10

08006 Barcelona


VAT B64985468

+34 93 519 33 93

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