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HJC Actuarial Consulting Limited

The Garden Studios, 71-75 Shelton Street
WC2H 9JQ London, United Kingdom

Our InsuranceInspect Services product aims to reduce your insurance premiums Substantially, Safely and Strategically and we will tell you honestly if substantial premium reductions are not safe for you.

What do we mean by Substantially, Safely and Strategically?

  • Substantially: Premium savings of 80% regularly achieved from poorly designed programmes (c40% after alternative [cheaper] risk financing costs and fees)
  • Safely: Fully documented benefits/risks, based on sound actuarial data, with unique considerations of claimant security, in an unrushed timeframe for your full internal discussion
  • Strategically: Designed around your corporate strategy and your bespoke balance sheet

Our tried and tested process has been refined over 20 years

I. Your Past

You may be over-reserved for existing risks, meaning reserves can be released to safely support buying less future insurance. We can help you assess excessive balance sheet reserving.

II. Your Future

You may be exempt from normally mandatory covers (e.g. employers’ liability). If so, then we can arm you with our extensive actuarial data, so you can confidently and safely decline this cover.

III. Your CustomMade Product

You can design your own insurance product to meet your strategic objectives and ask for bespoke product designs from new insurers. We can design insurer-friendly products, and accurately estimate the likely premiums.

IV: Your Best Providers

There are thousands of insurance brokers and insurers - not just the limited panel of insurers your brokers may use, or which your normal tenders may attract. We can help you design, manage and score tenders for brokers and insurers.

V: Your Money

Your Premiums are often paid neither to your named broker nor the insurer, but to a third party (wholesale) broker; did you carry out appropriate Anti-Money Laundering checks? Furthermore,what is the security for your claimants? Will they get paid if you become insolvent? We can improve your insurer credit-checking and improve the security for your claimants.

VI: Your Review Process

Most clients do not have appropriate management information (MI) reports to assess whether they made the correct risk transfer decision at the last renewal, then repeat the (incorrect) decision at the following renewal. We can create simple MI reports to demonstrate whether you made the right decision or not.

Who are We?

We are not insurance brokers or insurers; we are independent actuaries working solely for corporate Insurance Buyers to optimise your use of funds. No black boxes, no fancy software, just plain English. We are Authorised and Regulated by the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries in the conduct of Insurance Distribution Activities.

What makes us unique

  1. As actuaries, we uniquely understand how insurers set premiums, so our website is full of useful free tips/advice on presenting risks, premium negotiation etc, with an explainer video, numerous case studies and free downloadable FAQs / White Papers.
  2. We are completely independent from all brokers and insurers. We don’t get commission from anybody
  3. MoneyBack Guarantee: If, following a Full Healthcheck, we offer you a full Insurance Transformation (as being safe for you and your claimants), we will refund our fee in full if you fail to achieve a premium saving of at least the fee charged

We advise all firms, both large and small

Typically our full Insurance Tranformation process is for companies paying premiums of GBP£100,000 pa or more, usually starting with a Healthcheck, which can be ordered on our website.

For smaller or medium-sized firms we can usually use elements of the process to keep the advice cost-effective for your budget/current level of premium spend/potential (safe) premium saving, typical client projects being  Insurance Premium/Risk Workshops, Risk Communication, improving your Board reporting on Risk/Insurance etc. etc.

Just drop us an email for a no cost/no obligation discussion of your situation/requirements or book a free, no obligation, 45m intro video call on our website.

The Garden Studios, 71-75 Shelton Street

WC2H 9JQ London

United Kingdom

VAT GB814771817

+44 8000 84 86 88

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