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I got it!

Hackitarians Foundation (Stichting )

Krijn Taconiskade, 206
1087HW Amsterdam, Netherlands

We believe that Hackers are the alchemists of our time… the masters of the binary evolution.

We believe that Hacking can help solve the world’s problems.

We believe we can not only help run a brilliant hackathon but we also believe we can TEACH you how to build the best hackathons.

We are not out to shelter our methodology and knowhow. No. It’s our goal to teach more people who can teach more people to run Hackathons.

We have a huge rolodex and network of some of the top hackers and innovators on the planet.

It’s very simple. We love what we do. We want to change the world. And most importantly…


We are Innovation Catalysts.

Krijn Taconiskade, 206

1087HW Amsterdam


+31 50 526 8004

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