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GPtech - Green Power Technologies S.L

Camino de los Descubrimientos, 17 Isla de la Cartuja
41092 Sevilla, Spain

GPTech is a technologically-based company that provides integral solutions principally focused on the grid integration of solar and energy storage system, as well as on grid stability and energy transport. It implements electronics technology to control power electronic equipment and offers a wide range of innovative products completely developed with own resources and adapted to all the requirements demanded by each market. In the last 13 years the renewables sector has been propelled by the strong capabilities and vision of the Spanish energy and construction companies. With this strong foothold in its local market, GPTech has excelled in becoming a pioneer of next generation power electronic products that optimize the integration of renewable energy into existing networks and new smart grids. GPTech identifies customer’s needs and provides the rapid development of adapted solutions.

The company has an active presence in key markets such as EU, USA, LATAM, South Africa and India with around 2,5 GW installed capacity in Photovoltaic and Wind Energy renewable plants with GPTech solution. GPTech bases its products and services in the knowledge and application of next generation power electronic technology. These power electronic devices are applied in the photovoltaic, wind power and energy industry progressing into international markets.

GPTech is considered as expert in Power Electronics, attending the whole electric power conversion. At this starting point, the most important added value is based on the continuous improvement of GPTech technology, opening up new horizons relying in own values and new opportunities. As a R&D reference, GPTech has developed several European projects related to smart energy systems, new battery concepts and battery managements and different energy generation integrations. Power control system SAC-DSP, dynamic VAR compensator for voltage dips, GPCOM-STATCOM, and reactive power control system GP-SCR by using PPC are GPTech’s reactive power control product gamma for renewable energy power plants.

Camino de los Descubrimientos, 17 Isla de la Cartuja

41092 Sevilla



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