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Envision Diversity

Munur Sago Sok, No: 4 Karaoglanolgu, Girne
99320 Mersin 10 Girne, Cyprus

Envision Diversity



  1. Interactive Platform: Give every individual a chance to raise their voice, share their opinions through an alternative channel, engage in dialogues, take initiative and shape the discourse of change. Every individual can just suggest a show idea or can offer to co-host the show if they have an agenda, issue or opinion they want to disseminate or talk about. This will give individuals to be part of, shape and the build the change they want
  2. Awareness  and Advocacy Platform: Bring a new dynamic of engaging into a constructive exchange of ideas freely on diversity, freedom, equality, justice, racism, discrimination, peace, LGBTQI and gender from a different and wider perspective with an aim to raise awareness, share opinions and propagate their views. Be the agent to build a culture of peace and harmonious coexistence accepting differences, our colours, and uniqueness of everyone.
  3. Networking Platform: We aim to create partnerships and regional network to exchange experiences and create a synergetic interaction and cooperation with regional actors to promote and advocate social issues through a strengthened solidarity.

Munur Sago Sok, No: 4 Karaoglanolgu, Girne

99320 Mersin 10 Girne



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