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Rue de la Science 14/b
1000 Brussels, Belgium

EMERGENCY provides free, high quality healthcare for victims of war, poverty, and landmines. We do this by building and running hospitals, and training local doctors and nurses. Since 1994, we have treated over 7 million people around the world. That’s one patient, every two minutes, for over 23 years. In that time we have worked in 16 countries, and currently operate in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Sudan, and Italy.

In accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, EMERGENCY recognises the right to be cured as a basic and inalienable human right belonging to every human being without distinction of any kind - opinion, sex, race, ethnic, political or religious background, social status.

On the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 2008, EMERGENCY issued its Manifesto for a Human Rights Based Medicine, which calls for healthcare based on the principles of equality, quality and social responsibility. The Ministers of Health of 13 African countries have signed the Manifesto, giving birth to the African Network of Medical Excellence (ANME).

EMERGENCY provides medical treatment to those who would have little or no access to it otherwise. We believe that life-saving facilities must be permanently available to all: this is why we offer our healthcare free-of-charge and why we offer treatments of the highest standard. EMERGENCY doesn’t only provide surgical and medical care. We run vocational training programmes for  individuals who have been maimed (deprived of the use of a limb or other part of the body) or left without social and financial support due to war. We build hospitals, and train local staff so that they can continue to provide a free, high quality service after we leave. We want to foster public healthcare systems, handing over our centres to local authorities as soon as they become self-

EMERGENCY Belgium was founded in 2013 by a group of volunteers, to promote EMERGENCY’s valuesand actions, to collect funds and to recruit staff for the projects. We also help establish contacts towards the EU institutions, but these relations are managed by EMERGENCY’s Head office in Italy, given that this requires full time follow-up and that we are all volunteers with limited time availabilities. In Belgium, we have so far participated in public cultural and sports events (concerts, theatre plays, fairs, festivals, marathons). From time to time we organise film screenings, photo exhibitions and information sessions on EMERGENCY’s work, where we bring senior representatives of our field activities in contact with a Belgian and expat public. December is the month of our annual event for donors and goodwill ambassadors. The event is generally dedicated to a theme (Afghanistan 2016, Ebola in 2014, migration in 2015) and it offers a live link with a related project (respectively in Sierra Leone and in Iraqi Kurdistan and Italy), as well as lives music and a buffet from the regions concerned. 

For donations, we can offer fiscal advantages thanks to the support of the Fondation Roi Baudouin and we offer professional advise to persons who would like to mention EMERGENCY in their will.

EMERGENCY is a highly specialised NGO that highly values the quality of its work. Therefore, the independence of our financial resources is fundamental, as well as the fact that we dedicate our budgets mainly to our projects in the field. This is reflected in our activities in Belgium where we privilege gradual in depth actions in networks of excellence, rather then flashy expensive events.

Rue de la Science 14/b

1000 Brussels


+32 (0)2 88 03 621

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