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Connecthink Innovation

Carrer de Sant Joan de la Salle, 42
08022 Barcelona, Spain

ConnecThink Innovation S.L. is a newly established company created with the objective of making available to the global innovation market a software framework that facilitates access to existing knowledge in a specific field through the automatic acquisition of vast amount of structured and unstructured data, making visible any relevant relationships among the data patterns, and finally allowing to generate new knowledge through an easy and visually enhanced navigation. ConnecThink envisages a new future for Data Lifecycle Management establishing new ways of searching and discovering items that would help organizations to reduce the time-to-market in their decision-making processes .

Carrer de Sant Joan de la Salle, 42

08022 Barcelona



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Past Events (2)

Hack & Health 2018 9 Nov 2018
Hack & Health 2017 24 Nov 2017