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10ª Conferência Ibero Americana em Computação Aplicada 2023
CIACA 2023
20ª Conferência Ibero Americana WWW/Internet 2023
A conferência Ibero-Americana WWW/Internet 2023 pretende focar os principais aspectos relacionados com a WWW e a Internet. A WWW e a Internet tiveram um crescimento significativo nos últimos anos.
22nd International Conference WWW/Internet 2023
The WWW/Internet 2023 Conference aims to address the main issues of concern within the Internet.
20th International Conference Applied Computing 2023
The Applied Computing 2023 conference aims to address the main issues of concern within the applied computing area and related fields. This conference covers essentially technical aspects.
Financial Administration & Auditing Preparation for E.C. Funded Projects
From understanding the Financial aspects of Horizon to delivering model Financial Reporting and successfully dealing with on-the-spot audits