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Renewable Energy

Solarplaza Summit Agri-PV 2023

Harvest the maximum yields of both soil and sun with Agri-PV

Harvest the Maximum Yields of both Soil and Sun with Agri-PV

Returning event to present practical business cases and know-how on agrivoltaics


With high demand for food and power, rising temperatures, extreme weather conditions, and increasing scarcity of both land and water, we are close to approaching the limits of food and energy production. Agri-PV presents one of the most promising dual-use solutions to contribute to both and is finally reaching fruition. The second edition of the Solarplaza Summit Agri-PV will connect experts and enthusiasts, and highlight the segment’s growth path and potential.


Agri-PV, also known as agrivoltaics, combines energy and food production by co-locating crops and solar panels on the same plots of land, reaping more benefits than just efficiency of land use. It has the potential to be a key component of ensuring that both our global food and energy systems are resilient and future-proof. Deploying Agri-PV on just 1% of the world's cropland could generate the entire global electricity demand.


Though the concept dates back to the 80s, larger-scale applications of Agri-PV projects have only started being implemented in recent years. With many pilot projects having run successful trials, we’ve entered a new phase of strong growth and scaling up. According to Allied Market Research, the global agrivoltics market is expected to grow from $ bn in 2021 to $ bn in 2031. More and more governments are putting specific regulations and guidelines in place to facilitate and support agri-PV project development. The Italian government, for example, introduced an incentive scheme and aims to facilitate over 1GW of agri-PV projects by 2026. In France, an innovative tender has been launched that specifically targets agrivoltaics. Similar efforts are popping up in markets from Portugal to the Czech Republic.


However, seeds of doubt still remain. Agrivoltaics remain a relatively new application, which raises questions about the available technical solutions, project examples, business models, and regulatory challenges. As with any new segment, the facilitation of knowledge sharing and network building are crucial. For exactly those purposes, Solarplaza is again hosting the Solarplaza Summit Agri-PV. This year, the event will take place in Italy, on the 4th of October.


The experts on stage and in the room will turn a critical and realistic eye to the opportunities available and harvest lessons from real-life business cases.


Lay down roots in this exciting new segment and gain the inspiration, knowledge, and connections required to harvest the yields of both soil and sun!


Solarplaza Summit Agri-PV

4 October 2023 - Rome, Italy

Tickets: €995 (Regular) / €945 (Early Bird)


4 Oct 2023 @ 08:30 am

4 Oct 2023 @ 06:00 pm

Duration: 9 hours, 30 minutes


Palazzo Brancaccio

Viale del Monte Oppio, 7, 00184 Roma, RM, Italy

00184 Roma




Organised by

Solarplaza (deactivated)

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