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EFQM Foundation Training (Online) by ITQM

Develop your organization towards Excellence!

ONLINE EFQM Foundation Training by ITQM

This Online EFQM Foundation Training is designed for individuals who want to get the core knowledge about the EFQM Model and how the EFQM Excellence Model can be used as a roadmap for Excellence for an organization. In some cases the training will have fullfilled the learning needs of an individual. In many cases the individual will want to consolidate his/her learning by applying the theory to a practical task.

The Post-Foundation Training projects provide an opportunity to consolidate the learning as well as being a pre-requisite for the EFQM Assessor EFQM Practitioner and EFQM Lens Trainings. These EFQM trainings will be a successful way to progress with your management development and ;

Are you interested to learn how to use the EFQM Excellence Model? Or would you like to learn how the best organizations are Striving for Excellence? Then this training is for you! Get your EFQM Training Certificate.


Dr. Karl J. Koller Business Excellence Expert International Accredited EFQM Trainer/Advisor

Institute for Total Quality Management Zurich Switzerland



Training Fee

OMR 1990 ; /  SAR 190 ; / EUR 490 ; /  CHF 500

Booking / More Information

For Booking or more information go to our website.

We provide public trainings in Zurich, Switzerland; Munich, Germany; Graz, Austria; Muscat, Oman; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


12 Apr 2021 @ 08:30 am

12 Apr 2021 @ 08:31 am

Duration: 0 hours, 1 minutes

Timezone: GMT +3:00


Online Webinar



Organised by

Institute for Total Quality Management (ITQM)

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