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Communication and Dissemination for EU projects in 3 steps: planning, managing and reporting

When should you start to think about communications in your EU project?

2-hour long live webinar on 7th April 2021 at

We will discover together how to successfully reach your target audience while ensuring the correct reporting strategy is in place from month 1.

Introducing communications in proposal writing

  • Impact, section : target group, channels, and KPIs
  • Proposal evaluation template

Effectively managing internal and external Dissemination & Communication

  • Internal Communication
    • Consortium Agreement
    • Innovation Management and Exploitation
    • Drafting your D&C Plan
    • Working with the project’s communication team
  • External Communication
    • Online communication
    • Platforms the EC can provide you
    • Learnt lessons
    • Paid campaigns and other online tools
    • Press
    • Scientific publications

Understanding the best way to report

  • Funding and Tenders Portal
  • Publications reporting
  • Dissemination Reporting table: what are the different categories
  • C&D in the Technical Report
  • Key reporting tips
  • Track all your successes

And to make sure you leave a five-star comment to our course, we will treat you with some key insights into:

  • Citizen engagement
  • Horizon EU and key challenges in comms
  • Link project’s objectives and Missions with EU policies ( EU Green Deal)

More information is available at our website at


7 Apr 2021 @ 02:00 pm

7 Apr 2021 @ 04:00 pm

Duration: 2 hours




Organised by

Europa Media Trainings Ltd

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