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Negotiating Your Commercial Insurance Premiums

Due to successful demand last week, we are repeating our short 1-on-1 webinar “Negotiating Your Commerical Insurance Premiums”

Corporate Insurance Buying Strategy in the light of COVID19

Due to the impact of COVID19 on corporate P&Ls and balance sheets, many corporations are reviewing their insurance arrangements, whether they were covered for the pandemic or not. A key first step is: do you know are your corporate insurance premiums are calculated?

Most people would instinctively answer “I think so” to that question, but a large proportion  of those would struggle to explain further, beyond  “it depends on our past claims experience”

This seminar will improve your understanding of how insurers price risk - and how they view YOU!

Key Topics

  • Why are there Challenges to Commercial Insurance Buying?…(you say that) you are a good risk!
  • Where do your premiums come from - why this is the wrong place to start your renewal negotiations…and is several months too late!
  • How Risky was the Past, Really – could you have afforded it with less insurance?
  • What could happen in the future – can you afford it?
  • What this means for your next renewal – start 9 months beforehand!
  • Free tips to takeaway

Who is this For?

Finance Directors, Insurance Managers, Insurance Buyers.


30min presentation (23 slides), then 15min Q&A, total 45 minutes

You will get the slides to take away afterwards, on request.


At our mutual convenience, click on “Book free 45m video call” in the website contact page.


Maximum 1 company per webinar, for your confidentiality and commercial advantage, to enable you to ask commercially sensitive questions about your specific situation.



Which Countries?

Our speciality is transformational insurance change for Insurance Buyers for UK-domiciled risks (including Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man) and risks placed in the UK insurance market (London Market/Lloyds of London).

However, our consulting services are available in English to all EU institutions to improve your local insurance buying in English.         All insurance-related projects considered, no matter how large or small - our webinar will give you improvement ideas, both large and ;

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1 Jun 2020 @ 12:00 am

2 Jun 2020 @ 12:01 am

Duration: 1 days

Timezone: GMT


Online Webinar



Organised by

HJC Actuarial Consulting Limited

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