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EPN Seminar : "The Belgian Social Law"

This seminar aims at giving basis of social law to young professionals and it

European Professionals Network (EPN) organizes a seminar about ‘The Belgian Social Law’. This seminar aims at giving basis of social law to young professionals and it’s essentially based on the law of 3th July 1978 related to contracts of employment. The social law supports the integration of professionals by having good working conditions.This project doesn’t want to develop an overall legislation. Its aim is to focus on the young professionals’ needs. For instance; how many days off could they take? What does the probation periodmean? These and many other questions which will be answered during this seminar.The social legislation is divided into three components : the labour legislation, the employments regulations and the social security. To be more effective, the seminar will focus only on the first two points.The first chapter on the labor legislation will provide a clear view and understanding of key concepts. At first, we will stress necessary elements of the labour regulation. In other words, it will define: - employment contract, employment, salary, link of subordination;- permanent employment contract, fixed-term contract, part time job, full time job.Then, the seminar will study the probation period which refers to the period allowing employers and employees to appreciate the qualities of employee for the first one and the qualities of the job for the second one. Another topic of discussion will be employer’s duty and its liability but also employee’s duty. In that way, young professionals will understandtheir rights towards their employer as well as their responsibilities.Finally, the case of employees suspending or putting an end to the contract employment will be highlighted.  In the second chapter, we will explain briefly the employments regulations by dealing with the social documents, the working time, the regulation of holiday. Indeed, the understanding of these concepts is necessary when starting a job.At the end of this seminar, young professionals will be able to understand their rights according the law of 3th July 1978 related to contracts of employment. They will be also able to introduce an appeal in case of violation of their rights. Date : 25th February 19:00Location : Paleizenstraat 27, 1030 Schaarbeek, BelgiëLanguage : French


25 Feb 2015 @ 07:00 pm

25 Feb 2015 @ 08:30 pm

Duration: 1 hours, 30 minutes



Rue des Palais 27





Organised by

European Professionals Network (EPN)

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