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Traffic Flow Management (TFM) Operations-End to End Flight Scenario

This webinar, one in a series of ATC topics, addresses the operational environment and functioning of ATC System Command Center (ATCSCC). The topic starts with the communication system design that delivers the single ATCSCC facility.

Why should you Attend:For most people, the Traffic Flow Management (TFM) Air Traffic Control (ATC) function is some mysterious process somewhere that allegedly reduces airborne holding and congestion. Beyond that, it gets fuzzy. The function is performed by the ATC System Command Center (ATCSCC which monitors the entire National Airspace System projects likely areas of significant traffic congestion and delay. It then generates and manages large scale flow management strategies to deal with and resolve the potential disruption to air travel. . If you have a personal or professional need to fully understand the United States Air Traffic Control System and the operational and functional integration of its component elements, an incomplete understanding of the Traffic Flow Management can, and often does, undermine the operational value and effectiveness of technological efforts to enhance the systemic performance of the National Airspace System (NAS) by failing to addressing the “real world” conditions and issues that constrain operational capabilities. If you are an instrument rated pilot or a passenger, much of your ATC exposure and experience will be influenced by the ATCSCC. Your experience will be more intuitive and less frustrating with an understanding of what the ATCSCC system is trying to accomplish and how works. If you are simply interested in aviation, an understanding of ATCSCC operations is fundamental to understanding the aviation system.Areas Covered in the Session:Radar data acquisitionFlight data acquisitionTraffic Flow Management goals, strategies, and techniquesAirline dispatchThe operational functioning of all ATC facilitiesWho Will Benefit:Engineers and other developers of ATC technologies and systemsManagers and other aviation strategic plannersGovernment and industry aviation executivesPilotsAviation enthusiasts


20 Aug 2014 @ 10:00 am

20 Aug 2014 @ 11:30 am

Duration: 1 hours, 30 minutes

Timezone: GMT -8:00


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NetZealous (deactivated)

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