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Communicating with Executive Stakeholders - Webinar by TrainHR

Overview : The ability to communicate with executive stakeholders in ways that works for them, utilizing a variety of communication channels.

Overview : The ability to communicate with executive stakeholders in ways that works for them, utilizing a variety of communication channels, enables for you to gain the commitment and buy-in you need to be successful in launching or implementing any number of projects and initiatives within the organization. Of key importance in communicating effectively up the ladder is to have strong working relationships with executive stakeholders. Strong relationships and the ability to communicate effectively enables for you to get problems solved and drive decision making at the executive levels. This webinar will focus on best practices for communicating effectively with executive stakeholders, including:Building relationships at the executive levelUtilizing a variety of communication channels and methods to reach a wider audienceCommunicating in ways that works for the stakeholders but that enables for flexibility for youDeveloping business cases to get buy-in to launch your own desired projects and initiativesReporting on status using stop light reportsKeeping stakeholders engaged throughout the lifecycle of your project or initiativesWorking effectively and engaging global executives and leadersBecoming a partner with leaders within the organizationSolving problems and driving decision makingWhy should you attend: You cannot accomplish the goals and objectives that need to be accomplished without being able to communicate effectively up the ladder to the executive level. While often we are assigned projects or initiatives to accomplish by the executive level, in other situations there are projects or initiatives we want to launch because we know they will be of value within the organization and for employees as a whole. However, if we can't communicate that value to our key executive stakeholders, we can't possibly be successful in getting their buy-in and commitment to moving forward with those initiatives. Additionally, simply because someone on the executive level assigned a project or initiative, it doesn't mean we have buy-in throughout the leadership team. Our ability to communicate up the ladder ensures we get that commitment. Areas Covered in the Session:Building relationships to enable for two-way communicationsUtilizing a variety of communication channels and methodsThe impact of cultural differences on communicationsDetermining who needs to know what information and whenImproving the effectiveness of your communications, including frequency and qualityCommunicating to transfer information and communicating to engageUsing technology to communicate effectively and engage virtual executive stakeholdersDriving decision making on your projects and initiativesGetting buy-in to launch your own pet projects and initiativesDeveloping communication plansEngaging executive stakeholders early on and throughout your project


8 May 2014 @ 10:00 am

8 May 2014 @ 12:00 pm

Duration: 2 hours

Timezone: GMT -8:00


Online Webinar

Organised by

Trainhr (deactivated)

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